Federal Tax Law Update – Tax Year 2018



Product Description

3 Credit Hours

Course Description:
After completing this 3-CE hour online self-study course, "Federal Tax Law Update — Tax Year 2018"
course, you will be able to identify and apply selected individual tax law provisions for tax year 2018,
including the following issues:

  • Filing requirements for selected taxpayers
  • IRA contribution limits, required minimum distributions (RMDs), recharacterization of Roth
  • conversions
  • Standard and itemized deductions limitations
  • Medicare, Social Security, and Net Investment Income taxes
  • Alternative Minimum Tax and Estate Tax amounts
  • Affordable Care Act mandated coverage
  • Preparer practices and penalties

TCJA of 2017 Changes.
The 1,097-page Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) is described by many as the most
significant tax overhaul in the United States since 1986. This is only a 3-CE hour course; hence,
only selected TCJA changes are addressed in this course.

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