Examinations, Appeals & Claims



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Delivery: Text Based

Instructor: WiseGuides
Credit Hours: 3
Field of Study: Federal Tax
Approval: IRS, CTEC
Course Description:
After completing this course you will be able to:
 Identify the rules with regard to the examination of a tax return
 Determine a taxpayer's rights at the time of the IRS examination depending on whether he
agrees with proposed changes
 Define an authorized third party designee's authority to discuss a taxpayer's return
 Identify which IRS cases can be resolved with fast track mediation
 Identify the taxpayer's requirements for an IRS guaranteed installment agreement
 Identify the rules for an Offer In Compromise
 Identify the rules regarding abatement of interest due to error or delay by the IRS
 Identify the areas of disputes that may be resolved in the United States Tax Court
 Identify the level of appeal within the IRS
 Identify a taxpayer's rights when dealing with IRS employees
 Identify when a taxpayer must file a formal written protest vs a small case request
 Identify which tax cases can be handled under the small tax case procedure in the Tax Court
 Identify the requirements to be considered an injured spouse
 Apply the rules to figure the time limit and the amount of claim for refund

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