EA Exam Test Prep – ALL 3 Parts – Online access to Explanation Feedback, Practice Exams, and Study Questions

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Test Prep for all 3 parts. (Online access to Test-Prep with Study Questions, Feedback Explanations, and Simulation Practice Exams. Updated for the 2022-2023 year.



Internet Study Question & Practice Exams

Over 3,000 questions with comprehensive answer explanations. Questions are presented in two study modes: “Study Questions”  and “Simulated Practice Exams.” Study Question mode provides in-depth explanations why wrong answers are wrong, or why right answers are right. Practice Exams mode simulates taking the actual exam. To help focus on your weak spots, use the “Results” table to identify how you score in each subject matter.   You can answer questions to the topics in each lesson at your own pace, starting and stopping whenever you choose. The program will keep track of which topics you have accessed and you may repeat topics as often as you like. Printing by question using your browser (PDF not available).



Internet eLessons
Since EA Exam candidates have varying tax backgrounds, there is no appropriate one-size-fits-all study program. WiseGuides study materials address the needs of various tax proficiency levels. As a self-study course, you may choose to add WiseGuides video training to fill in any gaps.


Subscriptions are nontransferable single-user access to WiseGuides® copyrighted study materials.


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