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10426 N. Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33612

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We do monitor the website, emails, and phone calls on evenings, weekends, and holidays during non-regular business hours. If you receive a phone recording, please either send us an email or leave a voice message. We will respond to emails and voice messages on a priority basis during non-regular business hours.   

PLEASE NOTE.  When sending WiseGuides® an email or leaving a voice message, please tell us how we may assist you, so that your inquiry is routed to an appropriate person.  

PLEASE NOTE.  If you’re a current client of WiseGuides®, please include your an email address so that we may review your education data file and have it ready when we reply to your email or voice message. 

WiseGuides® is a small business recognized for providing quality study materials at very budget friendly prices. We have outlined the above “Contact Us” guidelines to ensure we can address your needs promptly

Thank you for using WiseGuides® study materials!  We do appreciate your business!