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WiseGuides Guarantee

Use WiseGuidesŪ study materials (1) and we GUARANTEE you will PASS the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam.

Our commitment to you is to provide highly effective and efficient study tools to prepare you to PASS the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam. WiseGuidesŪ has successfully prepared candidates to pass the EA Exam since 1997. Our GUARANTEE is quite simple:

If you use the WiseGuidesŪ study materials (1) and meet the qualifications (see below), we GUARANTEE your success in passing the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam.

QUALIFICATIONS: If a candidate fails to pass a Part of the IRS EA Exam, to qualify for the Guarantee, on a per Part basis, the candidate must be the original purchaser of the single user license and must satisfy the following conditions before taking the respective Exam Part:
  1. Read 85% of the Lessons for the Part
  2. In the Study Questions Mode, complete 85% of the Questions & Answers for each of the Part's topics
  3. In the Practice Exams Mode, achieve a score of 85% or above on the preconfigured online Practice Exams for the Part
  4. Submit to WiseGuides a written request for either a cash refund for the failed Part or extended internet access to the eCourse for the failed Part, along with a copy of your failed EA Exam score, within seventy-two (72) hours of the Exam. Send the written request to: .
CASH REFUND OR EXTENDED INTERNET ACCESS. If you meet all of the above four criteria, you will be eligible for either a cash refund for a prorated cost of the failed Part(s) or unlimited use of the purchased online study materials for the failed Part(s) for a period not to exceed 180 days from date of the failed Exam Part.

(1)Please note that the eStudy cards are not guaranteed.