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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are WiseGuides IRS Enrolled Agent Exam study materials priced so low?

This is the question we are asked most often. The simple answer is that since most of our sales are referrals from our customers who are pleased to share a good deal with their colleagues, we do not engage in heavy-handed and expensive marketing.

WiseGuides IRS EA Exam study materials are guaranteed and in over 20 years of preparing students to pass the EA Exam on the first try, we have found that most pass after studying each part for only about 90 days. (Our competitors certainly do not appreciate that we share that secret with you.)

To offer EA study materials that are extremely budget friendly, we sell our materials for only $59 per part and give you access for the entire IRS EA Exam cycle (each cycle starts May 1 and ends February 28).

In other words, we do not inflate the price by selling access and support for a longer period than what about 90% of our students need, which is only one exam cycle.

So, why should you pay more?

When is the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam administered?

The IRS EA Exam is administered each year from May through February of the following year. The current IRS EA Exam testing begins on May 1, 2018 and will end February 28, 2019. There is no testing in March or April. The test is based on tax law as of 12/31/2017.

NOTE: The current exam will not include the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it is not effective until 1/1/2018 (A few provisions are retroactive to 2017 and will be covered).

When are the WiseGuides Study Guide materials updated?

The eLessons, Study Question, Practice Exams, and eStudy Cards are usually updated in March. All current online (Internet) subscriptions have been updated for the May 2018 - February 2019 exam.

How long does it take to study for the EA Exam?

If you are a novice tax preparer with little or no tax preparation training, you should plan on studying for 80 hours over 3 months for Part 1 (Individuals). Part 2 (Business) should also take about 80 hours and 3 months. Studying for Part 3 (Representation) should take about 40 hours over 2 months to complete. If you have significant experience preparing taxes, or advanced tax training you might be able to cut the novice preparer's time in half.

Why are printed Lesson Books no longer being offered?

WiseGuides online eLessons are easy to read and provide critical background information that is aligned with the included Internet based access to the Study Questions and Practice Exams software.

WiseGuides eLessons provide study content that is more than just outlines. There is no need to try reading the legalese of IRS publications as the WiseGuides online eLessons contain the tax law lessons to prepare you to pass the EA Exam.

Since EA Exam candidates have varying tax backgrounds, there is no appropriate one-size-fits-all study program. WiseGuides study materials address the needs of various tax proficiency levels. As a self-study course, you may choose to read all the eLesson material or select specific topics to review before tackling the online (Internet based) Study Questions and Practice Exams.

You can read the topics in each lesson at your own pace, starting and stopping whenever you choose. The program will keep track of which topics you have accessed and you may repeat topics as often as you like.

Use the handy search function included in the eLessons to help you find information quickly.

Print by topic using your browser printer function (PDF not available).

Questions are presented at the end of selected topics to enhance learning.

Study Questions are linked to related eLessons to provide additional information.

How long do I have access to the study materials?

You have access to the Internet based study materials until February 28, 2019; which is the last day of the IRS EA Exam test cycle.

Our experience, over the past 20 years of providing EA study materials, indicates that most people can complete their studies in about 90 days per part. We recommend purchasing one part at time, pass the exam, and then move on to the next part.

If you feel that you can complete your studies for all 3 parts by February 28, 2019, you can purchase all 3 parts together for only $159.

What percentage of your customers pass the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam?

Contrary to what you may read about certain EA Exam review products, "pass rates" cannot be accurately presented.   We certainly agree that it would be nice to know that answer. However, due to privacy issues (exam scores are not public knowledge), there is no way we could honestly state a pass rate for all our customers.

We are aware that a few of our colleagues (competitors) cite pass rates in their marketing materials. However, there is truly no way to determine a statistically valid pass rate unless all of their customers' scores were objectively reported and tracked. Oh yes, one more thing, many students use more than one source for their EA Exam study materials. Wouldn't you agree that self-reporting of scores hardly fits the definition of objective?

Most of our sales are referrals from successful IRS EA Exam candidates who used our materials and recommended our product to their colleagues as comprehensive, up-to-date, cost effective, and efficient study materials to help PASS the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam on the first try.

All of our study packages come with a GUARANTEE TO PASS.   We have helped candidates pass the EA Exam on the first try for twenty years. We know what it takes to pass this exam and hence we coach our exam candidates to follow certain study protocols.

Over the past seven years, we have had only three (yes, just three) exam candidates exercise their guarantee because they did not pass one part of the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam. Please note that we are not saying all but three of our candidates passed the EA Exam. The only honest inference that can be drawn from that statistic is that only three of our candidates who did not pass the EA Exam had followed our study protocols and yet they still did not pass. That's a pretty good track record, wouldn't you agree?

The IRS Enrolled Agent Exam continues to be more difficult each year.   We recognize that IRS EA Exam candidates have a variety of professional experience (some with no tax preparation experience and some with years of tax preparation experience). Hence, our Internet eLessons are more comprehensive than most of our colleagues' products. In other words, we strive to provide very economical study materials that will meet the needs of all exam candidates. If candidates find that they are able to answer the Study Questions without referring to the respective content in the eLessons (all questions are linked to an eLesson), they have the option to progress through the study materials more expediently.

Click here to read the WiseGuides study protocol as presented in our guarantee.

Why doesn't WiseGuides do more advertising?

WiseGuides believes in the "stick to the knitting" rule.   We have been providing study materials (tax continuing education and professional exam preparation) to tax and other financial professionals since 1997.

We are not a marketing machine.   When you call WiseGuides with general questions regarding the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam, or about your continuing education requirements, or about our products, you speak with a tax professional, not a marketing rep. When you have a question about study content, your question is forwarded to a content tax specialist, not a customer service rep who has been trained to document and log a coaching need.

Many companies have recently jumped into the online education market.   Our customers have forwarded to us copies of WiseGuides product reviews that have been posted in chat rooms, bulletin boards, and other online venues. Most of the comments are quite favorable and we certainly appreciate the support. However, when we are forwarded the unfavorable reviews, it is usually quite evident that the source of the comments are from a competitor's straw man (woman) or are from a distributor of a few of our competitors' products (meaning they are earning commissions on "click-throughs" to purchase certain products) and they have misrepresented our product and/or pricing. Although WiseGuides does not subscribe to such marketing strategies, we do strongly believe in and support the free market. It is what it is.

The bottom line is that we enjoy providing the most economical yet comprehensive EA Exam study materials on the market.   When you compare apples-to-apples, WiseGuides continues to provide study materials that deliver the results you want at a price you like!

Thank you very much for your interest in WiseGuides IRS Enrolled Agent Exam study materials and tax continuing professional education courses.

Andy Rosenberg, MSA, CPA, EA
Kathy Jenkins Rosenberg, MS, EA

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