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WiseGuides eStudy Cards

The EA Exam covers so many topics that you need an extra study tool to help you cover all the material. Flashcards are a tried and true supplemental study mechanism to enhance mastery of the tested material using concept mapping.

Concept mapping with flashcards helps you quickly grasp the huge amount of tax law required to pass the EA Exam. Rather than only reviewing multiple choice questions (and hoping they appear on the exam), WiseGuides eStudy Cards enables you to answer exam questions regardless of the scenario presented.

The 1,600 eStudy Cards are carefully designed as a supplementary tools to prepare you for the EA Exam. Each card presents a question with the answer displayed immediately or hidden until requested. After viewing the answer the card is categorized as being recalled correctly or incorrectly, and put in a deck to be re-tested. Repetition is important because studies have shown that 56% of what is learned is forgotten after one hour.

The eStudy Cards may be purchased as an optional add-on for $20 per part. Use the eStudy Cards to identify your strengths and weaknesses within a comprehensive study program.

WiseGuides eStudy Cards Software is easy to use.

Easy to use As 1-2-3
  1. Select which Exam Part (Part I Individuals, Part II Businesses, or Part III Representation) you wish to study. Cards can be presented randomly or by topic.

  2. Deal from the complete deck, or select specific topics from the pull down menu. After going through a deck you may reshuffle and ask for only those cards that you did not know. Continue this process until you know all of the cards in the deck.

  3. You also select whether you want the answer revealed immediately or if you want to have time to ponder the answer before it is displayed.

Using the system to meet your needs and preferences

Dealing the eStudy Cards

As you go through the card deck, indicate if you understand the card's answer ("Cards I Know") or if you feel that you need to study the topic more ("Cards I Don't Know"). The cards are moved to their respective pile based on your designation. The "I Cards I Don't Know" pile may be reshuffled and dealt again until you know the material. You can shuffle and begin again as many times as you like. Cards can also be skipped for review at a later time.

Progress - Summary of Results

The Progress button will halt dealing and display your study progress in a tally of the number of cards you designated as "Cards you know", "Cards you don't know", and cards "you skipped". When you close the progress screen you will be returned to continue study at the point you left off.

Create Your Own Cards -- Click on the Customize button to create, delete, or edit your own cards in each of the various topics areas. To add a new card, click the "New Card" button, enter a "Question" and "Answer" for the card and then click "Save Card". Once custom cards are created they may be included in the card pack by selecting the custom cards check box on the Options screen (the software will automatically make this selection). You may even add emphasis to cards by adding fonts and colors. It has been shown that creating your own questions and answers is the best way to study.

Printing Options -- You may print just the questions (card fronts), the answers (card backs), or both questions and answers. There is a quick print function which prints the questions followed by the answers (not formatted to fit on a card). The graphic print function prints the question and answer side by side. You may print just the current card, the cards you got Know, the cards you Don't Know, and the entire card deck.

eLesson Link -- Each card is linked to its topic in the eLessons (online book), so if you need a more in-depth explanation just click on the eLesson button to view the topic.