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How to Customize Practice Exams

(1) Practice Exam Selection Page

Click on the BEGIN button to start a test you have created. Click on the Redesign button to create a new custom test (the old one will be erased). If you have not used this feature before a DESIGN button will appear.

(2) Custom Test Menu

This feature allows you to create a customized test based on the results of the Practice Exams and Study Questions. The software will examine your strengths and weaknesses and then, based on your criteria, select the appropriate questions to create a personalized test . For example, you can choose to have the software select questions from topics that have less than a 50% passing rate.
  1. The software can automatically select questions from topics in which you achieved less than a targeted score from the Practice Exams. In this example the program has highlighted four topics in which you scored less then 50%. Thirty (30) questions will be drawn from the 4 selected topics.If desired you can override the automatically selected topics and choose any others.

  2. If you wish to manually select the topics to be included in your custom test just click on the desired topics in column 3 and select the number of test question to be included. The program will randomly select questions from the topic database.

  3. Any topic may be selected or deselected.