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Take a Practice Exam to determine your study priorities

(1) How to prepare for the EA Exam using WiseGuides

  • Before beginning your studies take the first Practice Exam. The results can serve as a guide to determine the order in which to study the lessons. If desired the lessons can be studied in the order presented on the eLessons page.
  • Each lesson is made up of smaller topics that can be read in their entirety, or studied as necessary. Study Questions are presented at the end of topics to reinforce what has been read.
  • After a lesson has been studied, Study Questions are available to test your knowledge of the lesson materials.
  • Preconfigured Practice Exams may be taken throughout the study process to evaluate your progress. In addition you can create customized Practice Exams based on your study criteria.

To launch the Practice Exams use either of the following options:
  1. Click on the Practice Exams Menu
  2. Click on the Practice Exams dashboard.

(2) Select a Practice Exam

(3) Answer all 100 questions in the Practice Exam

When you answer a question the program will display the result with an answer icon at the bottom left side (2) of the screen. In this case the answer was incorrect.

(1) If you would like to see an answer explanation instead of an answer icon, check the ANSWER box (1) at the top right side of the page.

(3) At any time you can view your progress by checking the RESULTS box.

(4) Practice Exam Results

The overall results page displays the results by lesson.


(5) Study lessons based on the results of the Practice Exams

(6) Reinforce lesson knowledge by reviewing Study Questions

(7) Test your knowledge with the preconfigured or custom Practice Exams

(8) Optional eStudy Cards (Flash Cards)

Flash cards are a tried and true supplemental study mechanism to enhance mastery of the tested material. Each card presents a question with the answer displayed immediately or hidden until requested. After viewing the answer the card is categorized as being recalled (1) correctly or incorrectly, and put in a deck to be re-tested. Repetition is important because studies have shown that 56% of what is learned is forgotten after one hour.

(2) Each card is linked to an eLesson topic making it possible to read more about the question.