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How to Access the Study Questions

(1) Select Study Questions From the Menu Bar

(2) Study Questions Menu

(3) Study Question Selection Page

Select questions from the desired topic in column (1). While in the Study Questions mode, you are given in-depth answer explanations. The number of questions available and your results are displayed graphically. The Study Questions and the Practice Exams present the questions differently. Practice Exam Questions simulate taking the exam; hence, the default format is not to display the answer explanations (answer explanations can be configured to display).

  1. Study questions are arranged by topic and are coordinated with the eLessons.
  2. Results are displayed in a graphical format in the progress column.
  3. You may reset all your scores, or on a per topic basis, as often as you like. Click the check box then the RESET YOUR SCORES button.

(4) Question Page

Use the Study Questions to focus your studies on specific topics. After answering a question, the correct answer will be displayed along with an explanation (see below).

  1. You can monitor your results at any time by clicking on the "Results" icon.
  2. When you click on the "Print Question" button, the current question and its answer explanation will be printed.
  3. The "Select From Question List" button will display all of the questions in the topic. They are color coded to reflect how you answered the question. Red questions were answered incorrectly; green were answered correctly; and grey were skipped. When you click on a specific question, the software will display that question and give you the option to view it or change your answer.
  4. Questions may be skipped and then answered at a later time.

(5) Answer Explanation Page

After answering a question, a window will open with the correct answer and an explanation.

  1. Results may be tracked by clicking on the results icon.
  2. Answer explanations automatically pop-up when a question is answered. The "View Source" button will open a window to the eLesson serving as the reference source for the question.

(6) View Source Page

The View Source feature displays the eLesson topic related to the current question. Use it to get a more in-depth answer explanation.