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How to use Your Subscription

Thank you for your interest in WiseGuides® Continuing Education courses. Since 1995, WiseGuides® has provided continuing education (CE) courses for tax professionals. All of our CE courses are registered with the IRS as online self-study courses. All courses are available online 24/7, so you may study whenever you want. If you purchased a WiseGuides® CE Subscription, here is how it works.

Prepaid “bucket” of generic Continuing Education hours.  If you purchased a CE Subscription, you purchased a "bucket" of prepaid "bucket" of generic CE hours. The courses that you may take are not preselected for you. You choose which courses you would like to take from our entire CE library, including the 2-hour IRS ethics courses (Circular 230 Selected Topics course and the Basic Representation course) and a 3-hour Federal Tax Law Update course. (To view our entire course listing, select "Course List" from the menu at the left. Please note that our IRS Ethics courses are listed after the end of the Tax course listing. Just scroll down to see all the Tax courses from which you may pick.

Once your “bucket” of generic hours is all used, to purchase more hours, you will go to our WiseGuides® store.

NOTE. Please note that there are two different WiseGuides® websites: the WiseGuides® BigCommerce STORE website for purchases and the WiseGuides® EDUCATION website to access your study materials.

To select and begin your first course, just go to this URL address at the WiseGuides® Education Website and sign-in to your account, with your User Name and Password:

  1. After you sign-in, there will be a "Welcome" screen advising you how many hours are available for you to use from your purchase. Select "Continue".
  2. Next screen will have two tabs on the top. On the top right hand side will be a "Courses" tab. Select this tab and a listing of all the WiseGuides® courses will appear.
  3. To determine which course you choose to begin, just select the "Course Details" button (on the far right). It will provide the Course Outline, the Course Objectives, the date the course was last updated, as well as the IRS program ID #.   NOTE: You may repeat a course as long as the course has been updated since the last time you completed that course.
  4. After you determine which course you choose to begin, select the "Select This Course" button on the far left of the table and that particular course will open. Don't worry if you open a course by accident - or decide you do not want to do that course at this time. If that happens, just close out of that course and open a different course.
  5. After you complete a course, THEN the number of Continuing Education hours awarded for the completed course will be subtracted from your "bucket" of purchased CE hours.

ONLY ONE “DOWNLOAD.”  Although you initially “downloaded” a registration file to complete your purchase and to establish your access to the WiseGuides® EDUCATION site, there are no course files to download. All the course material resides on our server and you access it by signing-in to the WiseGuides® EDUCATION Website at:

NOTE. There is a “Remember me” function that you may elect so that you do not have to re-enter your User Name and Password each time you enter the WisesGuides EDUCATION site.

Start and stop your courses whenever you choose.  You may start and stop your online study as often as you choose. The software will remember which course you were in the last time you signed-in. So, the next time you sign-in, you will be asked if you want to continue where you left off.

Print Option.  There is a Print option available to print the Course Lessons, the Study Questions, and the Final Exam Questions. To Print, after you have started a course, select the “Print” tab at the very far right-hand corner of the screen (across from your “My Account” tab and the ”Courses” tab.) This enables you to study whenever and wherever you choose and not have to be online.

If you print your study material, then you may “look-up” your answers to the Study Questions and the Final Exam Questions and circle your answer on paper. However, you MUST sign back in to your WiseGuides® EDUCATION Website account and enter your answers online to submit for grading.

Final Exam passing score is 70%.  To pass the course, a score of 70% or higher is required. You have three attempts to pass the Final Exam.

CE courses registered with the I.R.S.  All WiseGuides® tax CE courses are registered with the IRS as approved Continuing Education programs for Enrolled Agents, Registered Tax Return Preparers, and provisional PTIN holders. The I.R.S. program I.D. number is listed in the respective CE course "Details" column in the course listing.


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