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How to Use the CE Software

(1) Course Instructions

This self-study course is designed for the student to progress through the course in the order presented in the lessons. Software features of this self-study course are presented below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The first screen after the "Welcome"" page includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section that provides the student with information, including screen shots (see below), on how to use the WiseGuides CE course features.

Introduction, course outline, and course objectives. An expandable course outline is presented on the left of each screen. The course outline identifies general concepts that will be covered in each lesson.

A brief course introduction is presented and followed by targeted learning objectives that identify what knowledge, skills, or abilities you will gain from reading the lessons. You should read through the course material and examples and review the exhibits to gain a thorough understanding of the subject.

Study Questions. At the end of each lesson, you will find Study Questions which must be answered. Study Questions are not scored; however, all Study Questions must be answered before proceeding to the online Final Exam.

Answer feedback to Study Questions includes two types:

  • Evaluative feedback will provide you with clear explanations of why incorrect responses are incorrect.
  • Reinforcement feedback provides rationales for why correct responses are correct.

Glossary and supplemental reading materials. To supplement the lesson reading material, you may select the "Glossary" tab located on the top right of each page to locate definitions of key terms. Also, within the lessons, you may find hypertext which links to supplemental information pertaining to the topics.

Search. To help find information quickly, use the search box located at the top left side of the page and immediately under the font size bar icon and the previous and next page arrows. When searching while in a lesson, the search results will list matches contained in all the lessons.

Final Exam and CE Certificate. After you have progressed through all the lessons and answered all the Study Questions, you may then take the online Final Exam. You must achieve a passing grade of at least 70% in order to receive Continuing Education credit. After passing the Final Exam, you may print a CE Certificate of Completion.

Course Evaluation Form. A Course Evaluation Form will appear after you pass the Final Exam. Please provide your feedback as it is a very important tool to help us provide you with continuing quality CE self-study courses.

(2) WiseGuides Continuing Education Main Page

1. Click on the "My Account" tab on the top left of any page to view your WiseGuides CE history and account settings.
2. Click on "Select a Course" to go to the course selection page.
3. Click on any of the hyperlinks to view answers to frequently asked questions.

(3) Select a Course From the Course Selection Page

1. Click on the "Select" (or "Continue") button to select the course.
2. Check the date "Last Updated" to determine the course currency.
  • You may retake a course as long as the date "Last Updated" is later than the date "Completed".
3. Check the accreditation column to make sure the course is accredited by your reporting agency.
  • NASBA/QAS - CPA accreditation all states
  • IRS - Internal Revenue Service accreditation
  • OTPB - Oregon Tax Board accreditation
4. Click on the "Details" button to see the course outline and learning objectives

(4) How to Navigate the Lessons

1. Navigation, Font, and Search Box
  • Click on the font icon to increase or decrease the size of the lesson text.
  • Click on the arrow on the right to advance to the next topic, and the arrow on the left to go back to the previous topic.
  • Enter a word or phrase to search the entire course.
2. Topic Content Box
  • Click on an underlined topic and it will be displayed in the window to the right.
  • Study questions at the end of each lesson must be answered before advancing to the final exam. Study questions are scored, but there is no required passing score.

(5) How to Search the Course Content

(6) Answer the Study Questions

Study questions are available after the last topic in each lesson.
You can also access the study questions from the "Tests" tab (3).
1. When you select an answer, the answer explanation page will appear.
2. Click on the "See Source" link to view the related lesson topic.
3. Click on the "Tests Tab" to access the Study questions.

(7) How to Use the Glossary Hypertext

1. Hypertext is underlined text displayed in the lessons with references to the glossary. The hypertext pages in the glossary are activated by a mouse click.
  • Hypertext is used to describe tables, images, examples and other supplemental information.
2. The Glossary tab is positioned at the top right side of each page. Click on the Glossary tab to display the glossary.
3. The table of glossary entries are presented on the left side of the page. Click on any item to display its contents in the display box (4).

(8) How to Print the Course Materials

(9) How to Access the Final Exam

1. A link to the final exam will appear at the bottom of the page when all of the study questions have been answered. The study questions are graded, but there is no required passing score. However, you must score 70% on the final exam to get credit for the course.